Bye Bye 2018 and A Very Happy New Year

It was a usual morning bicycle ride today. Early morning winter weather was cold but pleasant. While riding or when I am alone, I usually get into deep thinking mode. Today was no exception. I was completely drifted into my own world and started thinking about all the events in 2018. It turned out to... Continue Reading →

Cambodia Diaries – Dec 2018

While planning for Cambodia, one thing that was on my mind was to do a budget travel. I wanted to do it backpackers way - at least a part of the travel. (Believe me it is a sad feeling when you get out of airport and there is no one in the reception area from... Continue Reading →

Marathon — Is it BS?

If your answer to the question is yes — read on. If it is no, you probably know what I mean. However, before today even I felt like marathons are a complete waste of time — especially those which are being organized every weekend these days. Not that I didn’t appreciate the work that goes behind these events but... Continue Reading →

Spiti Diaries 2018

Himalayan ranges can be addictive. Since the time I visited them for the first time after completing my 10th grade exams, I have always wandered through those circling roads and fern and snow-clad mountains many times in my thoughts. I got another opportunity to be in the realms of Himalayas after a long time with... Continue Reading →

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