Incredible Melghat

There are few lesser known places on the world's map and Melghat might be one of them. Many folks outside Vidarbha region (or even from the region) did not know about this place for many decades. But with the increase in number of 'wildlife photographers', it got some popularity in the last few years. On... Continue Reading →

Cambodia Diaries – Dec 2018

While planning for Cambodia, one thing that was on my mind was to do a budget travel. I wanted to do it backpackers way - at least a part of the travel. (Believe me it is a sad feeling when you get out of airport and there is no one in the reception area from... Continue Reading →

Spiti Diaries 2018

Himalayan ranges can be addictive. Since the time I visited them for the first time after completing my 10th grade exams, I have always wandered through those circling roads and fern and snow-clad mountains many times in my thoughts. I got another opportunity to be in the realms of Himalayas after a long time with... Continue Reading →

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